Day 8: Slow Tour of Yorkshire

Goole, Howden and surrounding areas

On Day 8 we visited the Goole and Howden area. Surveyed the region with a loop ride. Howden is:

  • a small historic market town and civil parish in the East Riding of Yorkshire.
  • dominated by its Minster.
  • strategically placed as one of the most inland ports in the UK.

The ride was made up of a number of distinct segments which we found on a nationwide bicycle route and group ride site called Let’s Ride. The first map shows the route we took from Goole to Howden. We then returned to Goole to catch the train back to Hull.

Goole to Howden

The route from Goole to Howden was largely traffic free path alongside (for the most part) a faintly busy minor road. But it did the trick of getting us to Howden. Crossing both the motorway and the Ouse River.


Howden is certainly dominated by its Minister. Part of the Minister is a ruin.

Howden seems to be well served with trendy eateries and wine bars. But this ride was on Monday, so some where closed. The ones open were doing good business. We went to the Kitchen – which seems to make the biggest cakes in the world. Our lunch was HUGE – I had to put the wide angle lens on my iPhone to fit in the boards.

After lunch we did a loop ride from Howden to Howden. It was quite country lanes, which meant that the ride was fast and fun! They are certainly the best routes to ride.

Overall the ride was about 30km. We did visit the Goole Library when we returned. If you are concerned that we are not getting enough libraries in.


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