Day 4 – Port Moorowie to Hillocks Drive

This was a new adventure for us – we hadn’t checked out this part of the ride. It was pretty simple however, follow a couple of dirt roads (Greenhill Road and then South Coast Road) for around 46 km along some of the least populated areas of the Yorke Peninsula.

Sign of the times

Perhaps because of its isolation the ride was quite pleasant with next to no traffic and fewer corrugations compared with the previous day. It was not enough to save our companion from having a tyre blowout. Without the support vehicle it would have been another 20 or so kilometres of walking. There wasn’t much chance of getting that going.

Is that a hole I see?

A word of wisdom, just because Google doesn’t show a bike shop on the Yorke Peninsula doesn’t mean you can’t get tyres. Your friendly sports store in Minlaton might have some? Perhaps the hardware store? Or even a Hardware store. In any case, the support vehicle managed to buy tyres and bakery goods and meet us again before the end. Amazing eh?

There are NO shops along this route, so you need to plan. There are only a few shelters so you need to plan to stop at them!

But those shelters are neat some nice beaches – except maybe Foul Bay!?!

The GPX is available from Strava – Day 4 – Port Moorowie to Hillocks Drive

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