San Francisco and all that

By far the most spectacular scenery this holiday has been this past two days, a two lane highway, cliffs and mountains on your right and the pacific on the left. A complete buzz, it is surprising to see so much wildlife, but I am sure Helen’s post will keep you upto date.

The roads into San Francisco are mad!! I love eight lanes of freeway followed by the steepest streets I have ever seen in my life. I am sure even our automatic would have rolled back.

The highlights including the stunning vistas, Santa Cruz and its sea lions, a Lucia’s standard Mocha in a little town called Half-moon Bay there was even a “parking sign” indicating that only Australians could park there! The best little supermarket I’ve seen with extensive organic goodies.

Santa Cruz is certainly much more radical than Santa Barbara despite both of them being University towns. Perhaps SB specialises in accountants and SC anthropolgists. Who knows, but the is much brighter hair and more holes in SC.

Cambria, is a mock English town, a bit like Hahndorf but less tacky and decidely more successful. We opted for the cheapest clean hotel in Town. The british flag was the magnet. We went to the “recommended” top notch restaurant, I’d still prefer an Aussie country pub than this stuff. Oh well! I am looking forward to San Francisco food, we’ve already sampled a Crab Sandwich. Yummmmmy!

Sorry, I forgot to bring the cable so no photos yet!

This is KDT signing off.

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