PEI and Montreal

Montreal is one of my favourite cities. But this time we didn’t get off to an auspicious start. Some old man with a bag decided that it would be a good idea to fall backwards on the escalator onto me. My poor right ankle (yes it is the same one) had to support my weight and his weight!! Thankfully, some quick thinking Viarail officials sorted out the situation and we went on our merry ways, with a slighly puffy ankle.

Montreal was interesting in the fall, you could sense all the activitiy was about to move indoors. The waterfront, very busy in summer and good fun, had all but shutdown as they prepared for ice and snow. Quite a contrast. Helen and I tried to navigate the underground city this time, but unlike Calgary Montreal does not have very good “wayfinding”.

PEI is a rural rolling landscape. I suspect it becomes a swarming tourist mecca in summer. The key is to try and find it in between, without the tourists but with some of the infrastructure operating having said that CBC1 PEI has been an invaluable source of information – so when you see some buffalo pictures you’ll know why!

Bye for now.

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