Plane flight… KL to Paris…

It was long. 12 and a bit hours seems very long. Everyone has their own way of dealing with it. Closing my eyes and doing my chant over in my head when there is turbulence.

The worst part was over the Bay of Bengal. Okay not as bad as others have described to me, but bad enough for me. Plus the movies on this plane where not ones that you could easily choose, as the previous flight (no Bollywood!!!).

Food was okay – but the breakfast was better. The plane went over Paris, so we had a lovely view of the Eiffel Tower as we came in to land….. ah that was worth it alone.

After proceding through a strangely designed 1970`s building we collected our luggage, hopped on a bus to the next terminal where we sat around and generally wasted time until the 10am TGV train (15 mins late) arrived to Avignon. The train was great – comfortable, so much so we fell asleep. Thankfully we woke up in tme and we bought sandwiches on board before we got off. The scenery was lovely, rolling fields, mountains….. ah France

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